YouTube Ad

Brief / Challenge

Build brand awareness for Adgroove by creating a new company mascot in a 3D animated YouTube ad.


Concept Design and Script

During stakeholder interviews, I learned that the Adgroove CEO was obsessed with dinosaurs. Therefore, I decided the company mascot should be a friendly, feathered, and funky Velociraptor.

I created a mood board to gather ideas and streamline the design process. I presented the mood board to stakeholders and the 3D animator to give them an idea of what I thought the mascot should look like.

Raptor mascot concept design

The 3D animator noted that the Velociraptor’s feathers could not be rendered with our limited timeline and budget. We all agreed that it would be more feasible to create a T.Rex covered in scales. I proposed to name the mascot Groovysaurus Rex – the stakeholders loved it.

Due to the high cost and intensive labor of 3D animation, I limited the video script to 40 seconds.

T.Rex mascot concept design

Storyboards and Directing

The 3D animator created wireframe renders in Cinema 4D based on static illustrated storyboards I prepared for each scene of the video.

Over a period of 4 weeks, I directed a super streamlined production consisting of high caliber 3D animation, music, and sound effects.

Cinema 4D render 1

Cinema 4D render 2

Cinema 4D render 3


The ad ran for 30 days, it had a 67% view rate and yielded 19 conversions.

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