User Onboarding – Design Sprint


Participate in a 5-day design sprint to explore the problem space and generate ideas for Speedpix – visual presentation SaaS product.


The Speedpix lead designer and I conducted research activities including a card sort, interviews, and observing volunteers using the product for the first time.

The iterative design process started with a working prototype of the Speedpix product, then moved onto user flows and paper sketches. I worked with the designer and the company’s CEO to create wireframes and microcopy for the product’s interface.

Here is how I redesigned the microcopy for the first screen in the Speedpix onboarding process.


Speedpix original onboarding screen

The original onboarding screen is cluttered and difficult to scan for important information. Asking “Would you like to select” adds an unrequired extra layer of complexity that delays users.


Speedpix redesigned onboarding screen

My redesign included succinct, straightforward microcopy to create a pleasant onboarding experience that helps prevent users from dropping off after signup. I used reassuring details and informative labels to clear possible uncertainties and reduce ambiguity.


After finalising interface design, the lead designer and I handed annotated visual designs back to the development team. The outcome of the design sprint was a customer validated prototype which the executive team could use to push company thinking regarding product direction and strategy.

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