Explainer Video

Brief / Challenge

Right now, there is a trainer in a classroom somewhere talking about learning styles. “We all learn differently. Some of us are auditory learners, some of us are visual learners, and some of us are kinaesthetic learners.”

Unfortunately, this is a myth. There is no evidence to support the idea of learning styles. I was approached by Pure Learning to create a short, animated explainer video that addresses the learning styles myth.


Video Script

The research phase included reading articles and academic research on the myth of learning styles. Once I had a thorough understanding of the topic, I wrote a script that communicated the message in an engaging way to inspire viewers to take action.

Explainer video script


I created basic storyboards in Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to communicate my ideas to the animator. The storyboards were static frames for each scene of the video based on ideas I proposed in the script.

Explainer video storyboards


Over a period of 2 weeks, I directed a streamlined production consisting of 2D character animation, voiceover, music, and sound effects.

Explainer video screenshot


The video was posted on Pure Learning's social media channels and helped increase sales for their eLearning courses by 9.86%.

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